Gateway Refrigeration originated in working on refrigeration equipment. We have worked with grocery stores for years. We have also worked with food industries such as fast food and also we have done work for a food plant. We have grown into many areas with our business now. We are capable of installing, repairing, and servicing all refrigeration equipment. If you would like us to talk with you about your situation, please give us a call at (989)386-3900.

-Mechanical Contracting

­ ­ Boilers:

Gateway Refrigeration has installed hundreds of all sorts of boilers to meet our customer’s needs. We have installed boilers from 100,000 btu’s to 2,000,000 btu’s. We provide the best. Our team is experienced and capable of taking on any boiler job. We have been licensed for boilers in Michigan since 1992. If you may have any questions regarding our experienced team serving you, please call (989)386-3900.­

-High pressure steam

Gateway Refrigeration has been licensed for High Pressure Steam since 2008. We are an experienced team that would love to install, repair or service any type of high pressure steam system you may be interested in. If you have any questions regarding high pressure steam, please give us a call at (989)386-3900.

-Cooling towers/ chilled water

Cooling water for manufacturing machines is critical. Gateway Refrigeration has the experience and knowledge how to come up with an energy savings way to cool your water. Gateway Refrigeration has worked with many manufacturing companies to bring them the best system possible for their individual needs. Take a look at a few projects that we have installed for some of our customers. If you are interested in installing a new cooling tower or chiller, please contact us at (989)386-3900.­

-Control Systems

Gateway Refrigeration is certified to work with Carrier control systems. Loren from Gateway Refrigeration has received the highest certificate that Carrier offers. This certificate considers Loren an Expert in control systems from Carrier. Our team at Gateway Refrigeration has installed control systems as new to the building and our team has engineered ways to Retrofit our control systems to work for you. Gateway Refrigeration has provided services for control systems for commercial buildings, office complexes, medical facilities, schools, industrial and institutional facilities. There is no job to small or too big. We have worked with energy suppliers such as Consumers Energy to work up ways to receive an energy rebate for putting in our control systems, we have seen rebates up to $100,000. Please let us know how our team can install the best system out there for you. Please contact us at (989)386-3900.­

-Heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC)

Gateway Refrigeration has been working on installing HVAC equipment for over two decades. We have experience and knowledge in providing HVAC solutions. We have done jobs where we put put a/c in offices, to installing ventilation in systems in schools to putting large units on for industrial buildings.

-Cambridge Heating Units

Gateway Refrigeration is the dealer for the northern area of Michigan for Cambridge units. Cambridge heating and ventilation technology is the leader for energy efficiency. The Department of Energy study confirms 20%-70% energy savings over standard unit heaters. These Cambridge high efficiency space heaters are made for warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing plants, and indoor sports facilities. The Cambridge units are a heating unit as well as a make-up air unit. The unit uses all fresh air when heating. This makes your air quality much higher quality than with a regular heating unit. We have installed these in 10,000 sq.ft building to 120,000sq.ft (+) buildings.­ If you are interested in one or have a question, please contact us at (989)386-3900.

-Vacuum Systems

Gateway Refrigeration is experienced in working with vacuum systems for manufacturing plants. Our team has installed blowers, motors, towers, vacuum lines (hoses and pipe), and control systems to various vacuum systems. Please contact us on any questions regarding our team working with you, (989)386-3900.­

-Ice Machine

At Gateway Refrigeration we sell, lease and service ice machines. We have trained and experienced team of technicians to work with clients on the ice machines. We set clients up with the best ice machines to work for them. We sell, lease and service all sizes of ice machines. Our team is known for the quality lease program we have set up to serve our customers to the very best possible way. Please contact our team of experts to help provide you the best, our number is (989)386-3900.